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02 Apr 2021

Selected Papers for the Week 13/2021

by Harpo MAxx (2 min read)

This week, during my twitter journey, I found three very interesting papers I want to save for future reference. So I decided to do a little post about them.

In this chapter, we discuss the interplay between representation, optimization, and generalization, again focusing on models with more parameters than seen data points. We examine the intriguing empirical phenomena related to overparameterization and generalization in today’s machine learning practice

The following is an extract of the article:

We prove a finite-sample conditional independence result (Theorem 1) with a supporting asymptotic result (Theorem 2) that together show that CV does not estimate the error of the specific model fit on the observed training set, but is instead estimating the average error over many training sets (Corollary 2 and Corollary 3)