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Computer Science Notes

CS Notes is a simple blog to keep track about CS-related stuff I consider useful.

04 Sep 2022

Beyond Random Split for Assessing Statistical Model Performance

Sometimes the standard splitting techniques used for testing your machine learning models can underestimate the generalization performance of the model. In this post, I expose some of the most common approaches for splitting your data beyond the classical random split approach. [5min read]
31 Jul 2022

Art with Data

The idea of making art with code is not new, but what about Data? Can data be a work of art? Well, the truth is that thanks to conceptualism, it is possible. Trust me! [4min read]
23 Jun 2022

Using DVC pipelines with examples in R (stages)

DVC provides the elements for managing machine learning pipelines using git repositories as a backend. If you use git for tracking your machine learning experiments, you will feel comfortable with DVC.[9min read]
02 Jun 2022

Why Using DVC

Notebooks rule! We agree on that, but they can get messy very fast. The truth is they are not the best tool for good software engineering practices. Data Version Control (DVC) is a toolset for helping the development of machine learning experiments favoring better practices. Are you ready to give it a try? [5min read]
09 May 2022

The Crisis of Computer Science careers in LATAM

Are there any tangible benefits for the IT sector when hiring university graduates?  A two-year program can fill the industry's needs?. The latter are valid questions that we should ask ourselves if we want to bring the university to current times. [6min read]