Computer Science Notes

Computer Science Notes

CS Notes is a simple blog to keep track about CS-related stuff I consider useful.

02 Jun 2022

Why Using DVC

Notebooks rule! We agree on that, but they can get messy very fast. The truth is they are not the best tool for good software engineering practices. Data Version Control (DVC) is a toolset for helping the development of machine learning experiments favoring better practices. Are you ready to give it a try? [5min read]
09 May 2022

The Crisis of Computer Science careers in LATAM

Are there any tangible benefits for the IT sector when hiring university graduates?  A two-year program can fill the industry's needs?. The latter are valid questions that we should ask ourselves if we want to bring the university to current times. [6min read]
18 Feb 2022

Tackling the limitations of tree-based algorithms

Tree-based algorithms suffer from severe limitations when applied to forecasting problems. They can't predict beyond observed training data points values. However, not everything is lost. There are some alternative approaches to improve the performance of the tree-based algorithm under such scenarios. [5min read]
30 Nov 2021

Github flow for conducting research projects

The Software Industry has well-defined standards and procedures which are heavily based on tools such as Gitlab. However, in research sometimes we follow a more relaxed and not structured way. At LABSIN we have recently begun to apply software industry approaches to our daily work. The match is not perfect since research could be different in some way. But, the benefits are clear. [9min read]
19 Oct 2021

NO, Data Science is not just cleaning and transforming data!

Decent programming skills, strong math and stats knowledge, and amazing visuals are not enough for a data science position in the industry. These are just necessary tools you will need for doing your daily tasks, but you don't have to lose the ultimate goal "to provide valuable information to decision-makers" (Duh!). This is how you can make a difference and companies know it. [5min read]